3 Things Every Athlete Should Do Before Participating in Sports

Get a Scoliosis Screening

Most people are familiar with scoliosis screenings that are typically done by a school nurse.  These are great to get done during adolescent years, while the body is still growing.  Scoliosis can progress and get worse during growth spurts, so it is important to get checked every sports season to ensure safety while playing sports.  Our chiropractors at Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic are trained to perform scoliosis screenings, and employ scoliosis rehabilitation when this problem is identified.  Get checked today! 

Participate in a Functional Assessment Screening

Functional assessment screens are used to identify imbalances that could possibly lead to injuries.  It is a reliable tool to determine if an athlete may be prone to certain injuries.  A functional assessment screen consists of performing athletic movements such as a squat, lunge or push up while the sports chiropractor critiques these movements.  The sports chiropractors at Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic are trained to find imbalances, weakness and underlying injuries.  Get a functional assessment screening done today to prevent injuries and strengthen identified weaknesses.  By doing so, this could prevent a traumatic injury during participation in your chosen sport!

Complete a Concussion Baseline Screening

Concussion baseline screenings are key components when attempting to properly manage concussions throughout the season.  It is important that every athlete has a baseline test done before the season starts, or as soon as possible.  The main reason for this is to have a “baseline score”.  If and when an athlete is suspected to have a concussion, they will go through concussion protocol, which includes taking the same test that was performed during the baseline screening.  Furthermore, when an athlete has a baseline screen it is easier to diagnose a concussion. It also provides a more effective method for the healthcare provider to monitor the recovery process.  Our sports chiropractors at Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic are trained to administer baseline concussion tests and are consequently trained in directing an athlete through concussion protocols in the event of a traumatic injury.

Participation in scoliosis screenings, functional assessment screening and baseline concussion screenings are the 3 things every athlete should do before participating in sports. Without these checked off the list, the athlete may be at higher risk for developing injury.