Custom Foot Orthotics

We believe that many lower extremity injuries are a result of poor foot mechanics. Often, with poor foot mechanics we can develop complaints such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, low back pain, achilles tendonitis, and so on. While we don’t utilize custom foot orthotics on all patients, we do believe that utilizing an orthotic support in your shoe may be the missing link that has yet to be discovered.

We have chosen to utilize Foot Levelers custom foot orthotics for our patients due to the vast amount of research and clinical support that the company provides. If you are in the market for orthotics, we encourage you to consult our office staff for more information.

*While we carry Foot Levelers’ products, neither Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic or any third party associated with, related to, or linked to Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic’s business or website is in any way affiliated with Foot Levelers Inc. Foot Levelers Inc. expressly disclaims any responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties regarding, any statement, information, materials or content found on or included in Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic’s marketing materials/website, or any third party marketing materials/website related to, associated with or linked to Elite Sports and Spine Chiropractic’s business or website.  All product guarantee and returns are governed by Foot Levelers 100% Guarantee. This guarantee is subject to change at the will of the supplying company.  100% guarantee is applicable to all custom foot orthotics manufactured by Foot Levelers.


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