5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life for Better Health

Spring Clean Your Life For Better Health

Spring is the time for new life, nicer weather, and change. Lots of people do spring cleaning to de-clutter their house. Who says you have to wait for another new year to make some changes to de-clutter your health and lifestyle?  Here are 5 ways to spring clean your life for better health.

Your Workouts

Springtime is when the weather starts to get warmer; people get out and become more active. Make it a point to get outside at least 30-60 minutes a day. Going on a walk/hike after dinner, taking the kids to the park, or start a new outdoor hobby are all ways to get up and moving. If you are really up for a challenge, start training for a local race. You might surprise yourself with a favorite way to exercise!  Click below to get started with a new program!


Your Diet

Fresh fruits and vegetables are being planted at this time and are easy to find in your local grocery store. Pick one new recipe a week that you have to make from scratch. You will learn something new, feel accomplished and become healthier in the process. Eliminate all processed foods, sugars and fast food. Those will only lead to mood changes and weight gain.  Try this healthy treat!

Your Wires

Find time to unplug from all electronics. Enjoy what nature has to offer. We don’t have nice weather every day, so enjoy it while you can. Spend 60 minutes in the evening talking with your kids, mom, dad, husband or wife and strengthen those relationships because just like the nice weather, enjoy it while you can!

Your Closet

Spend one month cleaning out your closet. Pick one thing a day for the next 30 days that has been in your closet for over a year. No, you aren’t going to wear it, get rid of it! Feel even better about yourself and donate it or hand it down to some family friends.

Your Spine

Of course, as a chiropractic clinic we are going to recommend taking care of your spine. It is easy to get a knee replacement, or a hip replacement, but they haven’t figured out how to do a spine transplant. Take care of your spine even if you are not in pain. You will thank us in the long run!  Schedule an appointment below!